Leather Match

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Leather match upholstery means real leather wherever your body touches, and matching vinyl everywhere else. For example, leather match sofas, loveseats, or chairs will have real leather on the seat, backrest, and armrests, but will have vinyl covering on the back. Where real leather or leather match is used also depends on the manufacturer.


Leather match upholstery offers the benefit of a lower price. Leather match costs anywhere from 30-90 percent less than full leather pieces, according to reports done by furniture experts

Leather match is preferred to other leather-look upholstery such as vinyl or imitation leather because of its feel. The real leather areas are breathable, porous, wicks away moisture, and adjust to your body’s temperature.


One of the main drawbacks of leather match is that leather and vinyl age differently. Real leather will soften over time, develop creases, and have some discoloration or mottling. Vinyl does not of these things. Within a few years, the vinyl portions and the real leather may not match perfectly as they did when the product was made.

Leather match upholstery may split at the seams due to the way the vinyl and leather are seamed together. Normal use may cause tears in the damaged seams.


Be cautioned that retailers will often display leather match items with the real leather furniture, or falsely advertise leather match pieces as genuine leather furniture in sale circulars or newspaper ads. Cases where stores have been charged with deceptive advertising practices prohibit retailers from used the unmodified term leather with products that are not 100% leather.


With sophisticated technology, it’s sometimes hard to identify leather match upholstery just by looking. Make sure to inspect manufacturer’s tags and content labels. Ask your salesperson if the item is all leather, and be mindful of terms like leatherette, faux leather, leather-like, and half leather.

Based on my extensive experience a typical 3 piece set (sofa + loveseat + chair) is most likely leather match if it’s in the price range of $1,500-$2,200 and a typical sofa is most likely leather match if it’s in the price range of $600-$1,000.


Clean according to the manufacturer’s instructions and condition the real leather parts regularly, advises the Advances Leather Solutions. This will keep the leather from wicking oil from the vinyl, and may prevent tears.


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