Stock vs. Special Order

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There is a big difference between furniture products that are in stock and products that need to be specially ordered. An in stock item is typically available within about 10 business days and a special order will take about 90 days to receive.

IL LOFT - custom high quality sofas

IL LOFT – custom high quality sofas

There are two types of in stock items. Many companies such as ESF and J&M only operate with relatively inexpensive in-stock items. They have very limited selection of models and finishes. These companies usually have a wide range of products from different manufacturers from sofas to bedrooms in the most common colors such as black, white, beige, and brown. Since all of their items are stocked and ready in warehouses in the US you can have them in your home within two weeks. Many manufacturers such as Calligaris have a wide collection that is in stock with many items that come in different colors sizes and finishes. If their stock collection doesn’t fit what you’re looking for; they have an extensive collection in Italy with more color choices and more new models.


GUS Modern stock collection

The other type of in stock items is when a manufacturer who is usually only special order offer a small range of models in a couple different colors to stock and the rest is still special order. Leather sofa manufacturers such as Gamma International and Nicoletti fall into that range. Every year they have some different models in common colors such as black, brown or white. They might offer a model in a sofa and loveseat and a sectional with lounge or even a corner sectional. Certain companies also get the privilege of selling an item from some manufacturers like that but once again it will only be in the color they think will be popular this season. If you want any other color or to change the size, configuration, and other things like feet you can special order the model and wait for your perfect dream piece to arrive.

Nicoletti stock model

Nicoletti stock model

Many companies that we offer are based in different countries such as Cierre Imbottiti or Gamma Arredamenti in Italy, ROM in Belgium, and more. Special custom order takes about 3 months but you have the advantage of choosing exactly what you want to make them match your exact personal style or taste. For example, many special order products give you the option to change the texture, colors, configuration, and more. You are basically given the chance to make your very own custom made product. In this case, the company must send out your request and wait for the company to physically make and manufacture your desired product. This is why special order items take around three months to arrive to us from the manufacturing country. Get the ROM model Themis as a 200cm sofa with a recliner in red leather, black stitching, and chrome feet or get the same model as a corner sectional with one side 260cm and the other 300cm with a sophisticated sleeper mechanism in one side and an armless terminal on the other end all in a green microfiber with white custom stitching and wooden espresso feet.

Themis sectional in leather with recliner - Special Order

Themis sectional in leather with recliner – Special Order

Both special order and in-stock items have their advantages. In-stock companies such as GUS Modern or Innovation have a stock with a wide range of models in several colors and different sizes. On the other hand, if what they offer isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can turn to a company like Dellarobbia, Gamma Arredamenti, ROM or Weiman and special order your modern leather or fabric sofa with your exact preferences and colors in mind.

Dellarobbia Monti sofa - Special Order

Dellarobbia Monti sofa – Special Order

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