Choosing Your Perfect Sofa

Pixel Sofa by Saba Italia

These days, the simple task of going out and buying something new has been extremely complicated by the millions of choices that are available to us with everything we buy. Decades ago, a glass bottle of milk would be delivered to your doorstep. The same milk was delivered to every home and there were no questions asked. Today, you walk into a store and have to face the choice of which brand, whole milk, or 2%, and which color cap you desire. This same process comes with every single item we buy.

Portofino Sofa and Lounges by Alivar

When it comes to furniture, we are swamped with even more options. There are hundreds of colors, fabrics, sizes, shapes, and models of almost every sofa you can choose. When shopping for your perfect sofa, there is a wide variety of things you must consider.

Panama sofa by Gamma International

First, you must think about what size you want your sofa to be. You don’t want something too large, but large enough to fit a number of people comfortably. You don’t want it too small, but small enough that you still have enough space to maneuver around the room. The options are endless. The shape of your sofa is a very important part of the decision process as well. If you spend most of your time relaxing and watching TV in your living room, you might want a straight sofa that can face the television screen directly. If a good amount of your time is spent pleasing guests and hosting game nights, you might want something curved that you can place around a central table.

Cloud Sofa by Camerich

With certain companies, you are given the option to completely model your own sectional sofa in the same way you model toy LEGO’s. You have the choice to completely configure your sofa using different modules and pieces. For example, you can pick the exact length of your sofa, where it turns, where it stops, and whether you want an armrest or an open terminal at the end. Every piece of the sofa can be built to your exact liking. You have the option of choosing everything down to the type of legs your sofa stands on, whether they are chrome, satin steel, or wooden. With many high end companies, you also have the choice of buying a sofa with the option of a pull out bed or recliners at whichever sections of the sofa you see fit.

River Sofa by Saba Italia

Next, you must choose the material of the sofa. You have the choice of leather, suede, fabric, and so many other upholsteries. If you have children and pets, you might want to stay away from suede sofas because they can be easily ripped and will cling to every hair that your dog will shed. If it is just you and your husband in the house, suede can be beautiful and very pleasing to the eye. Leather sofas can be light or dark and can match many different styles. It is easily cleanable and wears very well with age. Nicer expensive sofas are made so that they last a very long time and guarantee durability. There are special mechanisms that keep your sofa from sagging over time and vertical springs to keep it comfortable and good as new for years.

Mokambo Sofa by Gamma International

The last thing you want to consider is the color or pattern. You want the color of your sofa to compliment the rest of your home while still reflecting on your personal style. Whether you are trying to match or contrast, the color is very important.

When it comes to choosing your perfect sofa, the options are countless and never ending. The important thing is to know what you like, and use that to model and create your own perfect contemporary masterpiece.